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Rochelle Howison

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A good practitioner doesn’t listen with the intent to reply.
A good practitioner listens with the intent to understand.

Rochelle Howison

Rochelle has over 23 years of experience as a physiotherapist working in private practice and with many sporting clubs around Melbourne. She has developed an extensive and unique range of skills and treatment techniques which allows her to individually tailor treatment programs to each patient. Rochelle treats all age groups and understands the very different needs people have at various stages of their life. Rochelle is very caring and listens carefully to what is important to her patients, knowing how frustrating it can be when your body slows you down or stops you doing the things you need or love to do. Whether you have sustained an injury, are recovering from an operation, are pregnant, under a lot of stress or suffering from general day to day aches/pains and stiffness, Rochelle is passionate about helping you achieve optimum physical function and quality of life.
phone: 03 9531 5050