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Katherine Hay

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Food is not supposed to be complicated and overwhelming.
Let me show you how to use food to nourish.

Katherine Hay

Clinical Nutritionist
Katherine is here to teach you the truth about Nutrition, based on fact and scientific research. Her passion is infectious, and her mission is a powerful one. To cut through the conflicting information and ill-informed promoters saturating the health food scene. There are many myths about what is considered 'healthy' these days. Katherine will provide you the latest scientific research about nutritional medicine; adopting a simple, attainable, realistic, non-restrictive approach to health care that does not leave you feeling confused or overwhelmed. She never recommends a diet plan until she has conducted an extensive investigation about what is going on with your body. There is no guess work involved, recommendations are based on your current state of health, your unique body type and your long term goals. Katherine uses comprehensive screening and functional pathology tests to scientifically assess your body's requirements. She uses state of the art DNA Testing; Gut Microbiome and DNA Nutritional Profiling. Katherine’s belief is that healthy living is about doing what works for you, it’s not about placing unrealistic restrictions on your lifestyle.
phone: 03 9531 5050