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There is no 'one size fits all' approach to living and your health is no different. You deserve plenty of choice and the opportunity to discover which health modality and lifestyle choices work best for you. We offer an incredible range of holistic services that make healthy living accessible and achievable.


A safe, gentle and effective way of relieving pain and improving your overall health and wellbeing. Chiropractic care is based on the scientific knowledge that tension, misalignment or altered function of your spine (known as subluxations) can interfere with the flow of information and energy along your nerves, and may dramatically affect the function of your body in many different ways.

Clinical Nutrition

This Nutrition Medicine approach seeks to investigate the disturbances in body chemistry, caused by nutritional imbalance, resulting from improper diet, food sensitivity reactions, gastrointestinal dysfunction, inflammation environmental toxins, and stress which are contributing to the patient’s illness. Once identified, nutritional balance can be restored with informed dietary and nutrient supplement protocols, integrated with ongoing medical treatment, to improve patient health outcomes.


Naturopathy is a holistic health care practice that aims to optimise health by working harmoniously with the body’s natural healing capacity. Naturopathic care is centred around natural treatments such as herbal and nutritional medicines, as well as diet and lifestyle advice.


Big Heart Psychology is lead by Psychologist Tess Sibbel, who has worked in primary and secondary settings, as well as early intervention programs within the private sector for nearly 10 years. Tess offers support to parents and individual counselling to children. She supports children experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, sleep issues, behavioural concerns and neurodevelopment disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.


The most sincere and experienced clinic I have ever been to. I’m forever thankful to This Is Life for aiding in my new quality of life. Knowledge is power and the team at This Is Life are nothing short of the very best in their field.

Nicole L

I cannot speak highly enough of the team at This Is Life. Not only did they do everything possible to fit me in at late notice, the level of dedication to their patients’ is remarkable. This spontaneous visit, will turn out to be life changing.

Sam F

Life changing in the truest sense of the word. The amount of care, attention, empathy as well as in depth explanation of my health issue, its underlying cause, along with and strategies to get back on track; was second to none. I feel very well looked after and I'm extremely happy that I finally found a team who are able to help me.

Matt H

Beautiful and professional people who will welcome you like family, and offer you the very best of value with their services. The team are great at listening and responding to direct cause and effect, and targeting areas in need of restoration and healing. A high vibe and I highly recommend!

Leah F

This Is Life is a breath of fresh air, consisting of wonderful and kind reception staff with caring and diligent practitioners who are committed to improving their patient’s health and wellbeing. Their holistic approach is impressive and includes a clear and realistic treatment plan for each individual; focusing on mutual outcome goals. Life changing!

Steph C

In their desire to establish a friendly and welcoming community of like-minded, health-focused individuals, This Is Life emulates positivity in everything that they do.

Nicole Tang

This Is Life Family Wellness Emporium sure is my idea of heaven! Located in Elwood, they have everything my little family, and yours, could possibly need to be well and stay well.

Plant Based Mama

This is Life Wellness blew our socks off with its wonderful environment and welcoming staff! This is Life Wellness is another one of those places that just makes me smile. It’s the story of people doing what they love, and doing a great job of it!

Suzie Scribbles

Elwood’s newest Wellness Centre, This Is Life, is dedicated to educating its guests about healthy, holistic life choices. With a great understanding that health is by no means, a one size fits all mechanism, Michaela and Ashley have created This Is Life as a community-minded business that looks to inject a fresh breath of wellness into every facet of your life.

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