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There is no 'one size fits all' approach to living and your health is no different. You deserve plenty of choice and the opportunity to discover which health modality and lifestyle choices work best for you. We offer an incredible range of holistic services that make healthy living accessible and achievable.


A safe, gentle and effective way of relieving pain and nerve irritation while improving joint mobility, human biomechanics and posture. Chiropractic care at This Is Life is designed to remove misalignments in your spine through gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments.

Online Wellness Program

The Health Hub is an online holistic wellness program designed around the pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulness and Spirituality. You can follow along for accountability and community engagement, or simply use the tools at your own pace to improve your health. This program is designed to make healthy living accessible and achievable, helping you to find balance without restriction, dieting and calorie counting.

Through the Health Hub membership you gain access to a whole food recipe library, on demand workouts, meditations, self care practice, ebooks, wellness webinars and so much more

Medical Injectables

While working in the Operating Theatre as a Registered Nurse, Caitlin’s interest in the cosmetic side of nursing sparked a creative passion for aesthetics.

She started Plump Me to explore and share aesthetics, cosmetics, skin and beauty. Since joining the team at This Is Life, her practice has grown and evolved to now include medical injectable treatment for migraines, headaches and TMJ. Caitlin works closely with the Chiropractic team at This Is Life to offer a unique and collaborative treatment solution for some challenging health concerns.