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Spiritual Healing

Julie Zdravkovska

Julie is a professional intuitive who has from a very young age worked on further understanding and developing her natural abilities. She has deepened her natural talents by studying with local and international readers, intuitive healers and spiritual masters from sixteen years of age.

Intuitive Readings
Whether you seek information about love, finances, work, relationships or your soul’s direction, an intuitive reading can give you answers to those big questions. Julie will tune in to your energy and will pass on messages and insights that are given to you. She works with your energy, auric field and meridians to highlight areas that are of interest to you so that you can gain clarity in your life, and resolution. She has a direct connection to Source so she can channel messages from guides and spirits who wish to communicate also.

As an accomplished psychic, Julie has fine-tuned her extrasensory perception and can interface with spirits in other dimensions. She is able to feel, hear thoughts, voices and receive mental impressions from the spirit world. She then relays messages or signals from the spiritual world and connect with loved ones on the other side to validate that they’re always around, guiding and watching over you. Please note mediumship readings are most useful once some distance has been acquired following the passing of a loved one.

Intuitive Counselling – Soul Coaching
Every soul is born into this life with a purpose. As we navigate through our journey we can at times get stuck or lose our focus on the things that matter most, making it difficult to get our mojo back. With this type of coaching, you are offered an opportunity to be reconnected with your soul purpose.

Each session is unique and tailored to your needs at that time. Sessions can include energy awareness, clearing, management and building; development of your intuition and psychic intelligences including oracle and tarot cards; guidance on your spiritual path; manifestation rituals and how to work with crystals and essences; guided meditations to use at home… the list is endless.

Energy Healings
Julie will tune in to your energy to establish any specific interruptions within your auric field and will work with your guides and spirits to bring misaligned energies into harmony. She will work to remove any etheric attachments, ties, binds, entities or implants that may be interrupting the flow of your energy within your body and blocking clear messages from your higher self.

Clearing work can also help to remedy stress, depression and anxiety related ailments. If you suffer from procrastination, poor time management, or difficulty maintaining calm and loving relationships, a healing session involving clearing work can leave you feeling lighter and better equipped to make clear decisions. Healings are interactive and offer an opportunity to share so that a solution can be found together. We are designed to move, so it is important that in addition to soul work, healings also tackle the body as well as the mind.

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