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Hypnobirthing Courses


what is Hypnobirthing?

Birth has a myriad of feelings attached to it – from curiosity, wonder, excitement all the way to fear, anxiety and for some absolute terror.

Sad as it may seem, our current maternity system leans toward intervention and often requires women to be savvy about their birth place of choice.  Couples are therefore empowered with evidenced-based education, knowledge and practical strategies so they can be the decision makers in their birthing journey, navigating the birth system in the preparation of a positive birth.

The skills taught in the Hypnobirthing Australia ™ course help couples understand the importance of mindset for helping the body to stay calm and relaxed over pregnancy and during birth, allowing it to release hormones that ACTUALLY makes birth efficient.

The Positive Birth Program provides a woman and her partner with comprehensive knowledge of what to expect during the birth experience

The hallmark of the program and the “hypno” part of hypnobirthing refers to the teaching of the powerful skill of self-hypnosis to keep a woman in her zone, relaxed and grounded during birth and also for releasing fears and anxieties.

Hypnobirthing Australia ™ however is SO MUCH MORE than just the self-hypnosis (although it’s an amazing tool! ).

what can couples expect from the course?

  • Breathing
  • Affirmation
  • Massage and touch techniques
  • Acupressure
  • Visualisation
  • Deep and instant relaxation techniques
  • Active movement, water and vocalisation

These hypnobirthing skills ensures a woman has a plethora of tools and techniques that she can choose and use as needed, to work with the intensity of labour, stay present in birth and see the experience as functional.

Birth partners are taught how to provide effective and loving support, all which help a woman feel safe, supported and loved at a time when she is at her strongest yet most vulnerable.

why cindy fenn?

Cindy is a Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Certified Practitioner with a passion for positive physiological birth. She teaches face to face and private classes to pregnant couples, also trained in teaching The Positive Cesarean Course, a world first Hypnobirthing program for women requiring a Cesarean birth.

She has been teaching the Hypnobirthing Australia ™ course since 2014 and has been awarded for practitioner excellence multiple times.

Cindy’s mission is to help you to feel confident in your body’s ability to birth and stand up for your right to have autonomy in the decisions in your birth.

Your birth, your baby, your body – you have choices and a right to have all the information required to make informed decisions, and be supported with those decisions.

She knows from personal experience that physiological birth feels exhilarating, is intense and is one of the hardest yet amazing things your psyche and body may ever do. It transformed her being, career direction and uncovered qualities she never even knew existed.

Cindy has hypnobirthed her three boys and utilized different techniques and tools for each birth and she is currently studying post-partum care so she can expand her offerings in 2020.

Course dates for 2020 are:

Feb 2 and 9

March 8 and 22

April 5 and 19

May 3 and 17

June 14 and 28

July 5 and 19

Aug 2 and 16

Sep 13 and 20

October 18 and 25.

November 8 and 22