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Our Team of Experts

We have an exceptional team of skilled health practitioners, each with their own unique skill set and scope of practice. Each shares our passion, standard of care and dedication to improving the health and happiness of our community, naturally. Within our centre you have access to a team of wellness warriors who work collaboratively to offer heart-felt support, guidance and treatment options for commonly misunderstood or misdiagnosed health and lifestyle challenges.


Holistic Chiropractor & Founder

Dr Ashley has been practicing as a Chiropractor for the better part of 35 years. He works to get you out of pain and eliminate your symptoms as quickly as possible and he does this by addressing the root cause of your problem. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Everything he does is tailored to your physical needs and long term health goals.



Wellbeing Manager & Co-Founder

Michaela is an ambassador and contributor for the Health Hub online holistic health and wellness platform. Featuring nutrition support and resources, on demand workouts, mindfulness and meditation, wellness webinars with leaders in the wellness space and so much more. She works one on one with clients to onboard and provide accountability once in the program. If you are looking to up-level your health she would love to connect with you.


Anthony Briggs


This is life wellness

Michael Powderly

Senior Chiropractor

We are thrilled to welcome Dr Michael to our growing team at This Is Life. Michael has joined the practice to work alongside Dr Asena and co-manage our wonderful patient family. Michael brings a wealth of experience and a great deal of knowledge to our practice. He has been practicing for over 30 years and brings an additional skillset in the form of Applied Kinesiology testing, along with a very big passion for caring for athletes and active members of the community.

This is Life

Michelle van Kampen


Founder of a contemporary Gestalt psychotherapy practice, Michelle offers holistic trauma informed clinical sessions that can be used in conjunction with your GP and other health professionals. Gestalt Psychotherapy is for those wanting a therapeutic encounter with a clinician that has life experience, passion, humility and knowledge of contemporary mental health practices.

This is Life

Larisa Sepiek

Reiki Practitioner

Larisa is an internationally certified results coach/transformational coach, traditional Japanese Reiki Master & Teacher. Larisa has overcome her own health challenges over the years and is dedicated to facilitating transformation to stressed out corporate mums, helping them find their inner peace so they can live life with purpose. Larisa has worked with cancer patients, children with ADHD, heart patients, those experiencing anxiety and depression and trauma.


Wellness Program