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What is Clinical Nutrition?

Nutritional Medicine is a combined medical holistic approach based on an evolving scientific framework that views physiological and biochemical disturbance as a prime causal factor in the development and progression of disease. From this perspective, each person has a unique pattern of metabolic activity and nutrient requirements that depend on their genetic inheritance, gut function, and the impact of internal and external environmental factors on gene expression and activity.

The Nutritional Medicine approach seeks to investigate the disturbances in body chemistry, caused by nutritional imbalance, resulting from improper diet, food sensitivity reactions, gastrointestinal dysfunction, inflammation, environmental toxins, and stress which are contributing to the patient’s illness. Once identified, nutritional balance can be restored with informed dietary and nutrient supplement protocols, integrated with ongoing medical treatment, to improve patient health outcomes.


How do I know if I would benefit from seeing a Nutritionist?

Anyone can benefit from seeing a Nutritionist; you don’t have to have a specific health problem. Nutritional medicine is fantastic for those who want to support their general health and wellbeing. The foundation of nutritional medicine aims to nurture optimal health and not just treat disease.

Nutritional medicine is also great for those who have tried seeking answers from conventional medical approaches, but haven’t had any luck and still don’t feel quite right.

Nutritional medicine is supportive to anyone that has chronic health concerns and wishes to seek a more holistic approach.

What does a consultation consist of?

An initial consultation involves a one-hour full health assessment and dietary history that also addresses lifestyle, medical history, any diagnosed medical conditions, and a review of any medications supplements, or recent pathology tests. A specific treatment plan will be made to suit the individual and to target their health goals, this will include nutritional medicine prescriptions, diet, and lifestyle advice.

Analysis and requests for further testing may be made- this includes general blood tests and Nutripath functional pathology testing.

What type of pathology testing is used?

Georgia is passionate about pathology analysis, which helps to reveal nutritional deficiencies or body systems that require support. Georgia reviews previous Medicare blood test results and/or tests requested from the GP.

Functional testing may also be employed in special circumstances to assess food intolerances, hormonal profiles or gut microbiome quality.

What does a course of treatment entail?

In the second consultation, Georgia presents you with your own ‘Roadmap to Health’ – a document outlining your personal short-term and long-term treatment goals. This roadmap also includes a personalised treatment plan.

In follow up consultations Georgia monitors progress on short-term and long-term health goals and addresses any new health concerns that you may have.

Meet Georgia Betts

Georgia Betts is a Melbourne-based Clinical Nutritionist specialising in nutritional medicine and tailored therapeutic meal plans. Georgia embraces a balanced, whole-food approach, and has many years of experience in recipe development (this means, her food is delicious!). Georgia’s philosophy is simple: eating should be enjoyable, nourishing, and non-restrictive. Georgia is highly skilled at identifying the root cause of health conditions, by taking a comprehensive case history, analysing pathology tests, and interpreting functional and integrative tests. Georgia then uses food-as-medicine and nutraceutical supplementation in a personalised treatment plan to support the body back to health.

Amongst all the “fads” and “diets” out there, Georgia delivers sustainable, evidence-based nutrition solutions. She is extremely passionate about the power of clinical food therapy that is grounded in quality science. Georgia has a natural ability to connect with her clients and understand their individual health goals. She also acknowledges the strong correlation between mental health and physical health. Georgia considers all of these aspects of health holistically when creating personalised treatment plans.

The reasons people seek out nutritional medicine support:

  •  For general and preventative health care
  • To assist with skin conditions (acne, eczema & psoriasis)
  • To assist with weight management and meal planning
  • To help manage mild stress and anxiety
  • To improve period issues; heavy periods, missing periods or painful periods
  • To help manage gynecological conditions (PCOS and endometriosis)
  • To help support postnatal depletion
  • To assist with gut health and food intolerances
  • Support for families to meal plan

Special Offer To New Patients

If you are interested in exploring the amazing potential of Nutritional Medicine, before attending an initial consultation and commencing treatment; Georgia invites you to book a FREE 15-minute introductory phone call to discuss your personal health concerns.