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Johannes Hofferberth – Associate Chiropractor

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Johannes is extremely passionate about helping you to get the most out of your body,
while reaching your health potential.



Dr Johannes was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia where he completed his Chiropractic and Sports science degrees. In his final year at university and upon completion, Johannes observed and learnt techniques from many experienced and renowned Chiropractors to propel his Chiropractic career early.

Johannes is extremely passionate about getting the most out of your body and reaching your full health potential. Over the years, it has become apparent to Johannes, many of the population believe being in pain is a normal way of life. Witnessing patients achieve their health goals, be pain free, take up previous sports/hobbies that they were unable to do, or excel in their current sport, is exactly why Johannes became a Chiropractor.

Johannes utilises multiple treatment techniques and modalities to ensure patients get the best results and are completely comfortable with the treatment they receive. Though Johannes does assess the entire skeletal system, he excels at providing treatment for Headaches, Neck pain, TMJ (jaw) dysfunction, Thoracic pain, Shoulder pain, Low back and Ankle pain.

Over the years, Johannes has provided elite Chiropractic care to patients with varying presentations, including members of the men’s Australian hockey team, prior to competing in the Rio Olympics.

Most cases are assessed by Johannes through thorough x-ray analysis and a comprehensive case history to find out the root cause to your particular problem. If you would like to discuss your personal case and how he can help you, please click the link below to schedule a consultation appointment.