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We Are Hiring - Chiropractor

Are you a dynamic and motivated Chiropractor who wants to learn from the best?
Perhaps you are looking for your first role in a private practice or maybe you just aren’t fulfilled in your career so far? You know that there is a better opportunity waiting for you.
Things are about to change:
You will be our future Chiropractor and will take pride in your career. You have great people skills, fantastic communication, you really enjoy working as part of a dynamic team while being immersed in a vibrant and holistic culture.
You will earn a fantastic base salary and be financially rewarded as you grow your case load and contribute to our team and environment. You want the opportunity to become more than just a standard team member, because you know you are able to deliver and achieve much, much more.

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In their desire to establish a friendly and welcoming community of like-minded, health-focused individuals, This Is Life emulates positivity in everything that they do.

Nicole Tang