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What is the Health Hub?

The Health Hub is an online holistic health and wellness program designed around the pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Spirituality and Self Care. The program contains an incredible recipe library, on demand workouts, wellness webinars, meditations, self care practices, ebooks and so much more. It is like having your own private wellness team on speed dial, any time of day! The program takes you on a journey to creating the habits that are going to lead to a healthier, happier more vibrant and energised YOU.

How does the program work?

Michaela (our Co-Founder and Practice Manager is a contributor for the Health Hub). She is here to empower you to focus on the positive habits that are going to enable you to create a healthy lifestyle for life. Following our guides, implementing our tools and resources, learning the simple steps to overall health that we focus on, and truly coming back to what you intuitively know when it comes to your health and vitality, will be the keys to unlock your success.

The program is paired with whole food nutrition support products which contain over 33 different encapsulated fruits and vegetables (to help bridge the nutritional gap) and teach our bodies how to thrive in health.

With over 30 peer reviewed medical journal articles to support the positive impact that these products have on the body, the goal is to never to replace a balanced diet rich in wholefoods. The goal is to add more goodness in so that you can enjoy the vitalistic feeling that comes with good health.

Plus, as a client of This Is Life you get your very own accountability coach when you sign on as a member.

Nutrition – Recipe Library / E-books / Webinars / Team Challenges

Enjoy access to an huge recipe library containing – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Smoothies, Vegan, Healing, Paleo, Soup, Chocolate, Snacks, Nourish Bowls, Lunchbox, Thermomix, Protein and more.

Mindful Movement – On-demand Workouts / Community Challenges

Enjoy access to on-demand workouts including – Pilates, Yoga, Post Natal Movement, Kids Yoga and HIIT Classes.

Mindset – Meditation / Self Love / Vision Setting / Goal Mapping / Self Care Practices

Enjoy access to – Meditations, Ebooks and Guides on practices that you can implement into your routine, webinars with leaders in the wellness space, community challenges and more

Let's form healthy habits for life

The Health Hub online platform has been carefully curated so no matter your reason for joining, you are met with a simple and approachable program that will meet you where you are at.

We give you lifetime access to the Health Hub online program so that you can come back to this resource at various times in your life, and along your health journey. You can revisit challenges, reboot programs, webinars and more. Especially when you feel off track (because let’s be real we are all human).

Each journey starts with a simple step. Once you start taking action and forming new healthier habits, you will start to feel better about yourself. Its those small steps every day that will lead to your transformation, so don’t forget to celebrate the small wins along the way!

When you start to feel the changes, and see your body transforming, you will be inwardly inspired and no longer need that external motivation. Your healthy habits will become your new lifestyle, which is the ultimate expression of self love….


How Do I Get Started?

I would love to understand where your challenges around health currently lie, and the areas where you feel you need the most support. Our goal is to give you the tools, resources and support you need to implement positive change that has the power to transform your life. Click the link below so we can connect and chat about how this program can best help you.