Experience This is Life Family Wellness Emporium. Let go of everyday life, reconnect with your health, your family and be your best self.

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Our Mission

The vision for our wholefood café is a powerful one; to stand out from the crowd by offering you more. More choice, more nutrients and more education. Our café was created to provide you access to good, wholesome food that not only nourishes, but inspires the same positive eating habits at home.
We recognise just how time poor so many of you are, and we hear you loud and clear when you tell us the challenges you face in eating healthy and maintaining a wellness lifestyle. In our cabinet you will find healthy grab and go options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Call in on your way to work, at lunchtime or grab some dinner after your appointment in our Wellness Centre. We have fresh and seasonal offerings that nourish, cater for your dietary requirements and can be shared with every member of the family.
Every option has its dietaries and health benefits highlighted so you can make empowered decisions about how you fuel your unique body type. We cater for every intolerance, dietary preference and way of eating.

what our fans are saying

In their desire to establish a friendly and welcoming community of like-minded, health-focused individuals, This Is Life emulates positivity in everything that they do.

Nicole Tang