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Ashley Campbell-Bird Chiropractor

Our Team of Experts

Chiropractors believe that wellness should be a lifetime strategy
with a focus on creating health not managing disease.
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Chiropractor & Co-Founder

Dr Ashley has been practicing as a Chiropractor for the better part of 30 years. He has a stellar reputation, is highly regarded for his exceptional adjusting skills along with his intuitive and holistic approach to practice. He is sought out by families from all over Melbourne because of his ability to promote wellness and tackle complex health issues that others cannot.

He works with clients at varying stages of life and states of health. He is a trusted source of information on all things health, rehabilitation from chronic injury and general well-being. He works to get you out of pain and eliminate your symptoms as quickly as possible and he does this by addressing the root cause of your problem.

There is no one size fits all approach. Everything he does is tailored to your physical needs and your long term health goals.

Ashley understands all too well how the pressures of life can impact your physical and emotional health. As a Chiropractor his mission is to teach you the power of self care, healthy living and the importance of preventative health care.

The next phase of his career is dedicated to doing it differently. Determined to create a space that is so much more than your typical practitioner setting. A thriving wellness centre with a team of holistic practitioners who work collaboratively to improve the health of the community naturally.