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As a Chiropractor, I'm extremely passionate about helping my clients to understand the root cause of their problem, educating on the importance of lifestyle on overall health and wellbeing.




Dr Asena was a very welcomed addition to the team at This Is Life in 2020. Possessing a double degree, Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT University in Melbourne, she immediately stood out from over 30 candidates as the ideal person for the role. Her vibrant personality, hard working nature, thirst for knowledge, along with her overwhelming passion for holistic Chiropractic care, has allowed her to excel in her career in just a few short years.

During University she sought out mentoring and learning opportunities from some of Melbourne’s most respected Chiropractors. Since graduating, Asena has taken part in further education seminars and coaching programs, that have allowed her to broaden and develop her patient management and diagnostic skills.

Asena is experienced in Sacro-Occipital Technique, Gonstead, Diversified Manual Techniques and Activator Methods. She continues to undertake an extensive on boarding and mentoring program with Dr Ashley, so that she can learn from his 35 years of experience. Dr Asena is thriving in her role at This Is Life, upholding the exceptional level of care, and patient outcomes that the practice is known for.

Asena is particularly passionate about helping clients to understand the root cause of their problem, and educates her patients on the importance of lifestyle on their health. Having lived part of her childhood overseas in Europe, she was exposed to different healthcare systems from a young age. Her curiosity for alternative and holistic health care modalities, lead her to Chiropractic care. After a skiing accident in her teens, she realised that Chiropractic treatment had the power to make fundamental and lifelong improvements to overall health and wellbeing.