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Our Team of Experts

Wellness takes commitment, hard work and requires huge shifts in mentality to affect lasting change. I will empower you to make the choices that best serve you, and only you.




Aimee is a very passionate Naturopath with a special interest in menstrual heath and fertility.

Aimee combines her degrees in Human Physiology and Naturopathy to blend the latest scientific research with longstanding traditional medicinal wisdom. Aimee has found that by questioning the root cause of patient issues, identifying the actual problem causing the symptoms, then supporting the body through balancing the chemical pathways of the body, her patients experience excellent health outcomes.

Aimee is passionate about pathology analysis, which helps reveal nutritional deficiencies or body systems that require support. Aimee reviews previous Medicare blood test results and/or tests requested by Aimee from the GP. Functional testing may also be employed in special circumstances to assess food intolerances, hormonal profiles or gut microbiome quality.