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About Us

This is Life was created because of our precious angel. Charlotte came into our world 3 years ago and has changed us in the most profound and magnificent way.
She has made us recognise that life is a blessing that should never be taken for granted, has forced us to stop and smell the roses, and has helped us to identify what is really important in life. We work at being the best version of ourselves because we believe we owe that to her. We are her role models, her reference point and her example of what life is all about.
We realised when Charlotte was quite young just how tough it is to be a parent: juggling the needs of your children with your work or business responsibilities; trying to maintain a happy and connected relationship with your partner; and then, of course, there is the relationship with yourself. That comes last and is the one that is sacrificed so you can successfully be everything to everyone else.
We asked ourselves what we as a family needed to facilitate connected family time, nurturing individual ‘me-time’, and time for Charlotte to be a child and explore the wonder of life. The answer was: “it doesn’t exist”. We couldn’t find a single community minded business that catered for every member of our family at the same time, promising to leave us inspired, nurtured and truly nourished from the inside out.
So we took all the courage, imagination and self-belief we had and created it ourselves. Welcome to our heart-felt, inspired, labour of love; This is Life, Family Wellness Emporium.