Experience This is Life Family Wellness Emporium. Let go of everyday life, reconnect with your health, your family and be your best self.


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About Us

This is Life was created because of our precious angel. Charlotte came into our world 7 years ago and changed us in the most profound and magnificent way.

We realised when Charlotte was quite young just how tough it is to be a parent: juggling the needs of your children with your work or business responsibilities; trying to maintain a happy and connected relationship with your partner; and then, of course, there is the relationship with yourself. That comes last and is the one that is so often sacrificed so you can successfully be everything to everyone else.

After working in the medical and health care for a combined total of 42 years it was becoming increasingly obvious just how unhealthy we are becoming as a society. So many of our patients were disconnected from their bodies, stressed, anxious and facing complex and challenging health issues. Our mainstream Chiropractic clinic at the time, simply wasn’t enough to facilitate the health and lifestyle overhaul that so many needed. Our patients needed more!

Intuitively Ashley and I knew that to create real and lasting change for our clients, we had to create the ultimate wellness destination and immerse them in a culture of all things healthy living. A place that could nurture, nourish and inspire on a multidimensional level and could do so for every member of the family. So we closed the doors to our Chiropractic clinic and the suburb Ashley had practiced in for over 20 years, and opened the doors to the ultimate Family Wellness Destination.

Welcome to This is Life, Family Wellness Emporium a place to belong, to feel inspired, nurtured and nourished. This is a place for the person who wants to learn from a team of exceptional and highly qualified practitioners how to heal from injury, eliminate pain and uncomfortable symptoms, regain your vitality, but most importantly; live your best life.