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Research suggests that a staggering 70% of us experience problems sleeping at least a few nights a week. Who can relate? 

The best and most important type of sleep is undisturbed sleep as it provides us with adequate amounts of the later stages of deep sleep.

When we are stressed, we tend to get less deep sleep which means we wake the next day without having adequately restored our energy levels which in turn decreases our productivity and performance.

Did you know that interference to your nervous system caused by vertebral subluxations can decrease your brain’s ability to send and receive messages and may disrupt the areas of the brain responsible for sleep? It’s also important to note that pain and problems with your breathing can also dramatically effect your sleep.

Having your spine checked for subluxations can be a powerful first step in creating positive sleep habits as it can reduce the amount of tension in your body, eliminate your pain and enhance your body’s self regulation methods.

In addition to Chiropractic care, there are lifestyle habits and rituals that can help to promote a good night’s sleep:

1. BREATHING EXERCISES – when you first jump into bed, do some gentle breathing exercises, taking long, slow breaths through your nose into the lower part of your abdomen. This helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system, promote relaxation and signal to the body that it’s time for rest.

2. BATH SOAK – taking a long soothing bath before bed can help to detoxify your muscles by adding epsom salts and your favourite essential oil, this practice also has a calming effect on your mind which is the perfect ingredient for a good night’s sleep.

3. MEDITATION – Enables you to quieten your thoughts and centre yourself. The type of meditation you practice doesn’t matter too much, it can be disciplined styles of meditation or simple contemplation or journaling. Jounaling can also be a great way to sign off on your day, jotting down any remaining thoughts or ideas that are swirling around in your head so that you can effectively unwind and switch off from work, family commitments and the never ending to-do list.

4. ENVIRONMENT – establishing an environment in your bedroom that is conducive to sleep  is really important. Your bedroom should be used only for sleep; ipads, TV’s, computers and ideally mobile phones should remain in the living room.

 If you would like to learn more about the role that Chiropractic care plays in supporting positive sleep habits, book yourself in with Dr Ashley for an individualised assessment.