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As we enter one of the craziest times of the calendar year we are hearing more and more people commenting on how hectic life is feeling, and how much their health is suffering because of it. It’s been a long and challenging year for many and our health is so often the casualty of our fast paced, overachieving lifestyle. Today Albert has taken some time to educate you on the powerful and perhaps lesser known benefits of Remedial Massage therapy.

1. STRESS REDUCTION – The importance of relaxation and wellbeing can’t be underestimated and one of the most noted benefits of massage is a greater feeling of calm and relaxation. The soothing, pampering benefits of massage encourage the release of endorphins; the ‘feel good’ chemicals.

2. IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – Due to the decrease in stress hormones, your immune system has a chance to work more efficiently, without impairment. Remedial Massage increases circulation and improves lymphatic drainage, which can provide a boost to your immune system’s effectiveness.

3. REDUCTION IN MUSCLE TENSION & PAIN – Remedial Massage is a very effective way of releasing trigger points, stretching, elongating muscles and breaking down adhesion. Albert can focus on areas of your body that are stiff, injured or just sore and tender. By increasing the blood flow to the tissues and releasing muscle tension, massage not only helps alleviate your pain, but can also help to eliminate toxins and oxygenate your calls.

4. INCREASED JOINT MOBILITY – By releasing muscle tension around your joints, the range of movement in the joint can be increased. When a joint is no longer hampered by stiffness, muscle function can return to support and improve joint movement.

5. IMPROVED POSTURE – Massage helps to relieve a lot of tensions, particularly in the neck and shoulder areas; common in those who sit a lot or use a computer at work. Lower backs are also prone to tightening from prolonged sitting. Remedial Massage can help remedy these problems by lengthening your muscles and balancing out your body for improved postural alignment.

Because of Albert’s focus on ideal function, he can address injuries in any part of the body by attending to movement patterns, lifestyle habits, muscle weaknesses and muscle tightness. As a result of his interest in the effects of the modern lifestyle on our health, he has come to realise the importance of our breath and how the quality of our breathing relates to the health of our mind and body. Breathwork and stress reduction techniques are also integrated in to his sessions.

As you can see, Remedial Massage and Myotherapy has a profound impact on the physical body in addition to rehabilitating your injury and delivering a much needed dose of self care. To learn more and gain some individualised advice, schedule an initial consultation appointment with Albert.