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Are you curious about what will you can expect from a Chinese Medicine treatment? The first thing to understand is that a variety of therapeutic techniques can be used, depending on your presentation, along with your short and long term health goals. Maryanne has taken some time to explain some of the most common techniques and why they are used. 

ACUPUNCTURE – is a therapeutic technique involving the use very small needles. They are inserted into specific acupuncture points to balance the flow of energy (Qi) in your body and help your body regulate itself. Acupuncture needles are very fine and rarely cause discomfort. However if you are concerned about needles, please let Maryanne practitioner know, as they dont necessarily have to be used.

CUPPING – is the use of a glass or plastic cup which sucks the skin up into it, bringing blood flow and energy to the area to promote deep healing. Cups are used at specific acupuncture points or meridians to clear heat or toxins, or applied directly to tight muscles to sooth and repair.

GUA SHA – is a scraping technique used on certain acupuncture points or meridians to help release pathogens from the exterior, induce a sweat, clear heat and toxins or encourage blood flow and healing to the area.

MOXABUSTION – is a herb consisting of mugwort which is burned over specific acupuncture points or energetic meridians. Its action is warming and moving so it can be used for internal cold presentations. Moxa is often used for digestive complaints, joint and muscles pain, menstrual imbalances, women’s health, pregnancy induction and even turning breech babies!

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE – Called Tui Na in Chinese Medicine. It increases blood flow and releases stagnation. It can also be used in conjunction with liniments and acupressure for increased therapeutic benefit and is an alternative to using acupuncture needles.

QI GONG – is a form of therapeutic exercise very similar to tai chi, with specific actions relating to the 12 energetic meridians in Chinese medicine. It focuses on building Energy (Qi) from the breath and moving and stretching meridians to encourage energy flow and balance along targeted meridians.

HERBS/SUPPLEMENTS – Chinese medicine practitioners are qualified to prescribe certain herbal formulas and supplements that compliment your treatment. These supplements or herbs will be specifically chosen based on your Chinese Medicine diagnosis and are designed to help build momentum in healing.

NUTRITION – Chinese Medicine practitioners are qualified to make recommendations on diet especially in relation to Chinese Medicine food energetics which are used therapeutically to treat specific ailments

LIFESTYLE ADVICE -Maryanne also provides lifestyle advice designed to benefit you specifically, and help to compliment your treatments in the clinic. Common recommendations include meditation, breath work, yoga exercises or other allied health therapies that will compliment your treatment.

As you can see, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have many tools of the trade to select from when deciding on your unique treatment plan. Chinese Medicine is a powerful natural medicine modality with a huge scope of practice. To learn more and gain some individualised advice, schedule a FREE discovery session with Maryanne.