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Mornings certainly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I mean who doesn’t want to stay in bed for a lazy sleep in? So, it’s highly unlikely that most of us wake up with a spring in our step when that first alarm sounds.

It can be challenging to start the day feeling fresh and well rested but I guarantee that once you have mastered your own morning routine – one that is specific for you, allowing you to tap into your desires, makes you feel good and even has a dose of self-care in the mix, then you will truly understand what it means to own your morning!

A consistent morning routine has the power to transform not only how you feel but it can change the trajectory of your entire day. Why? Because you have made a conscious decision to fill your cup first before you attend to anything else. I don’t know what screams self love more than that!

Here are some rituals that you can use to create your own morning routine.

DEVELOP A GRATITUDE PRACTICE UPON RISING: waking up expressing gratitude for all that you have not only allows you to pause and take a moment to appreciate all of the wonders around you but it also allows you to call in your desires by acknowledging all the abundance that already exists in your life. There are so many ways you can embed this practice into your morning routine. These include: keeping a journal, saying your gratefuls out loud in the car on your way to work and speaking about them with your partner and family.

MAKE YOUR BED: It might seem silly but making your bed in the morning is a simple yet effective tool to create a sense of accomplishment in your day. It also aids in de-cluttering of the mind, the less mess and chaos, the more focus.

MEDITATE: There are one hundred and one stories about meditation,how to perform this effectively, what to do or what not to do. But here is the thing, meditation is a unique practice that enables you to focus, reduce stress and anxiety and allows you to see the bigger picture). So no matter what way you perform it, just by giving yourself the space to focus on your breathing and your energy is golden.

VISUALISATION: If meditating isn’t for you, that’s fine. You can visualise. If you can sit for 5-10 minutes, visualising your desires can become your new reality, allowing your mind to display images of what you want your life to look like, tapping into the way you want to feel and how you want to feel in that moment. This practice can be one of the most powerful things you do in your day.

MOVE YOUR BODY: It doesn’t have to be a full blown 60 minute workout. It could be just 10 minutes of stretching or 5 minutes of lunges or squats. Whatever you like to do to move your body, not only energizes you for the day but allows you greater mental clarity and focus.

PLAN YOUR DAY: Organise, prioritise and plan your day, before jumping on social media or checking emails. Focus on the 3 most important tasks you need to achieve that day. Regardless of how you actually choose to spend your day, make sure you dedicate time in the morning to plan how you want your day to unfold.

Creating a morning routine is all about taking control of the way you feel, doing what energizes you and connects you with your desires. If you are looking to go deeper, learn how to attract your desires and up-level into the woman you want to be, come along to my Fierce Female Mindset Workshop this Saturday 6th April from 10am at This Is Life.

 We will focus on strategies, rituals and practices you need to master your mindset and attract the life you love! This is also a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded women and take part in a transformational meditation.