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5 Tools to Manage Your Sensitivity by Ioanna Serpanos.

Over the years in my healing practice I have found that many empaths are not aware they are empaths! They regularly experience fatigue, overwhelm and burn out, assuming that it is normal and a symptom of the busy-ness of life.

I have no doubt that life does get in the way, but why do some people cope and others do not? The answer; those that are overwhelmed have not been equipped with tools to manage their empathicness or how to effectively clear and protect their energy.

Today I’m sharing the tips and techniques that I use in my daily practice to help prevent overwhelm and exhaustion among my fellow empaths.

1. ENERGY DISCERNMENT: Work out what is yours and what is not. The easiest way to do this is by using the following statement: “if this (insert symptom e.g. headache) is not mine then please take it away. If the symptom dissipates then you know you have picked it up energetically from someone around you.

2. GROUNDING: As an empath good grounding is a must. If you are not grounded then you will readily follow any and all energy around you. If your child is unsettled and anxious then you too will have anxiety as your energy chases that of your child. I say, become the tree! Imagine that you are a beautiful ancient tree with roots that dive deep into mother earth. The roots are an extension of your legs and feet. Your torso is the trunk of the tree and your head and hair become the branches. Then affirm “I now ground and anchor myself to the power of mother earth as I am held and supported.”

3. BOUNDARIES: Ironically, boundaries for empaths give us room to fully express and explore with a feeling of safety. When we know consciously where we start and finish and what we are prepared to let in, then are at our most powerful.

4. CLEARING: By keeping your energy as clear and bright as you can, you automatically become more authentic to your true nature. You can clear your energy with the following Affirmation” “Arch Angel Michael please remove and clear, any and all energies I have absorbed that are not mine.”

5. RETREAT and RECHARGE: Make sure you allow time in your daily schedule to retreat, unplug, say NO and rest. Empaths require regular periods of quiet to recharge and regenerate. Give yourself permission to rest, switch flight mode on your phone and put your feet up.

By following these simple yet highly effective strategies you will be well equipped to live and love life as an empath without resentment, burnout or overwhelm. More importantly you will be modelling good practice to others in your family including children who may also be unaware empaths.

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