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Let’s talk about PREVENTION.

Also known as elimination, safeguard, precaution, thwarting or avoidance in the English dictionary. As educated, forward thinking, rational humans we understand the concept well. So why do we have so much trouble applying the same concept to our bodies? Why do so many of us only care for our body, mind and spirit when something is wrong? Why do we wait until we break down before we seek the help of a holistic expert? Why do we find it so hard to proritise maintenance health care in order to prevent illness or degeneration later in life?

I have been practiticing as a Chiropractor for 32 years. I have seen it all and achieved amazing health outcomes for my patients. Despite all of this, it astounds me that educated people continue to equate the absence of pain with good health.

My mission as a practitioner is to educate every single person that walks through my door about the power of prevention and maintenance health care. Please don’t fall into the trap of equating the absence of pain with a positive state of health. Your body is far more complicated than that. You may be surprised to know that pain is actually the last indication that your body has reached it’s limit.

So before you cancel your maintenance appointment with your holistic practitioner because you are too busy, are feeling ‘fine’ or are symptom/pain free. Stop and reflect. The preservation of good health is the greatest form of health care on the planet.

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