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A favourite in our house is Indigo Dreaming by Amy Hamilton. Each night Charlotte chooses a new adventure and we snuggle up with her favourite crystal to meditate before bed.

If you would like to start practicing at home with your little people, here is a very basic intro to try:

Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and be very very still. Breathe in and out, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Listen to the sound of your breath for a moment.

You see a beautiful moonbeam of white light coming towards you. You feel the moonbeam as it reaches the top of your head and spreads down your whole body right to your toes. The white light completely surrounds you and makes you glow. You feel warm and safe.

You walk along your moonbeam and there, in front of you, hanging on a star, is a big blue hat. This is a Magic Worry Hat. Put it on your head and it will take away anything that is worrying you and that busy feeling that you sometimes get in your mind. You place the hat back on the star and feel calm and quiet.

You walk a little further and see another star. It has a beautiful, crystal pendant hanging on it. This is a special pendant for you to wear. This pendant will protect you while you go on your special journey. You place the pendant around your neck.

Just relax and enjoy the ride as your moonbeam takes you to a special place to start your magical adventure.


Interested in mindful activities for your little person? We run a preschool Yoga class on alternate Saturday mornings.

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