Experience This is Life Family Wellness Emporium. Let go of everyday life, reconnect with your health, your family and be your best self.


Good health starts here

This is a place where you are immersed in a culture of positivity, healthy living and sense of community. We believe in making healthy living easy, accessible and uncomplicated. We do this is via our 360-degree wellbeing solutions. Let us show you what we are all about..

Chiropractic care is about so much more than pain relief for your sore back. For many, it is the secret ingredient to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

A simple, attainable, non-restrictive approach to health that does not leave you feeling confused. We will teach you how to use food to nourish.

Naturopathic principles are based on assessing, preventing and treating conditions of the human body and mind to provide optimal health and wellbeing.

Readings, Energy Healing, Soul Coaching, Mediumship, Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra all delivered in a safe, nurturing, one on one setting.

Have you sustained an injury? Are you recovering from an operation? Suffering from general day to day aches & pains? We can help you achieve optimum physical function.

Deep tissue and relaxation treatments designed to rehabilitate from injury, relieve tired, stiff muscles, or deliver a much needed dose of self care.

Our Team Of Experts

We have an exceptional team of holistic practitioners, with a unique skill set and scope of practice. Each shares our passion, standard of care and dedication to improving the health and happiness of our community, naturally.


This Is Life is designed to provide you with the tools, support and opportunity you need to live your best life. Relax and take time out in our cafe, book an appointment, view our workshop timetable, revisit your nutrition plan. The choice is yours.





Whats On

what our fans are saying

In their desire to establish a friendly and welcoming community of like-minded, health-focused individuals, This Is Life emulates positivity in everything that they do.

Nicole Tang

what our fans are saying

This Is Life Family Wellness Emporium sure is my idea of heaven! Located in Elwood, they have everything my little family, and yours, could possibly need to be well and stay well.

Plant Based Mama

what our fans are saying

As soon as you walk through the doors, straight off the busy street of Brighton Road, you instantly feel like you’re in a happier place. With white walls and plants scattered around, this centre feels like a retreat.

Breakfast Piggy

what our fans are saying

This is Life Wellness blew our socks off with its wonderful environment, clean eats and welcoming staff! This is Life Wellness Cafe is another one of those places that just makes me smile. It’s the story of people doing what they love, and doing a great job of it! Attached to a wellness centre, the theme here is Food is Medicine, but I never remember medicine tasting this good!

Suzie Scribbles

What our fans are saying

Elwood’s newest wellness centre, This Is Life, is dedicated to educating its guests about healthy, holistic life choices. With a great understanding that health is by no means, a one size fits all mechanism, Michaela and Ashley have created This Is Life as a community-minded business that looks to inject a fresh breath of wellness into every facet of your life.

Smudge Eats

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